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Running with a knife

Should you run with a knife?

You needn’t be a trail runner to start considering having a knife with you. Even an early morning jog in the park or late-night running might bring you face to face with an evil two-legged creature. At those times you’d better have something with you to help you turn him away.

Even though some people reduce their load to mere necessities – just an ID and a key, and dumping even the water. They run or jog only in their workout clothes and running sneakers. However, I prefer to stay on the safe side and carry a small knife with me – just in case. Some people however, are not afraid of the two-legged beasts, and need to stray away from dogs as they run on the streets and trails.

Like the saying goes: better be prepared and not use it, than not be prepared and having to use it.

Sure enough, it is reasonable to carry only a folding knife with you. The more lightweight – the better.Choose wisely – small knives like spyderco street beat (3.2oz), Kershaw Leek or Spyderco Delica 4

What are the most popular uses of a machete?

Machetes were born when a knife men an axe. Being something in between, the machete can do most of the tasks that knives and axes can do. The lower part of the blade is used for cutting, while the stronger upper part is used for chopping. There are several types of machete, and their prices range quite a bit with the cheapest starting from about $15. However, it is worth investing in getting one of the best machetes. This is a tool you would either need daily or in a survival situation, when you need to know you have dependable tools with you.

The machetes are very popular in South America and Southeast Asia and have been used for many years. There are even articles that suggest the word has been in use since 1590. They are getting more and more popular in North America and Europe, too. With little imagination and a will to try new things, a man can easy discover dozens upon dozens uses of machete. However, few of them are the most frequent ones. We’ve picked the six most common uses of a machete. Let us show you which are they:

Speed clean your way in the woods

First off, the most popular one – cleaning a path in the bushes. If you are in a place with dense bushes and woods, this is definitely the tool to use. It is definitely a great tool to clear a site before putting up your camp.

Campsite clearance

If you are to spend the night outdoors, then machete is your best friend. Not only you would chop wood for the fire, but you will also clean the new campsite.

Chopping branches and small wood.

A properly sharpened machete can easily split woods and cut enough to make campfire.

Splitting fruits and nuts

Need to open that coconut somehow? Brave yourself and get a machete. It is an excellent tool to cut open the tricky nut. Want to cut that tasty bunch of bananas? No worries, use the machete!

Self-defense tool

Living in the wild ain’t easy. You may need to fend off lions or venomous snakes. It is one of those situations when you realize you need a survival machete.

Slaughtering wild animals

When in the woods, one may need to butcher wild game. It is very handy in chopping the animal in smaller pieces that can be cooked on site. It is also very handy for cutting untangling fishing lines from branches.

An old wrench receives a new life as a … knife!

To continue this amazing series, I’ve decided to include a video that really impressed me. The knife is made by the polish knife maker Trollsky. He forges, grids and heat treats the knives he produces. He makes custom knives for customers, but he does not earn his living from knife making. It is his passion. His way of live.  His love of knives is quite obvious when you watch his videos.


What I learned from them is that to make a knife you need the appropriate materials, the right tools, lots of passion and a little know-how. Isn’t it amazing how this knuckle busting wrench is transformed into an awesome looking knife?

Must say this is the strangest object I watch being transformed recently. What about you, what was the strangest object you repurposed recently?

I love clever recycling and repurposing stuff, so I decided to share with you this awesome video. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it!

Kitchen clever made from an old saw blade

Some blacksmiths are absolutely amazing in re-purposing old stuff into bright new shiny knives and tools.

In this video, the maker re-purposed an old saw blade into a bright new meat clever. While it it good enough, he claims he never made it to be shown, but rather to be used. And used it is. Quite a few time, and still have plenty of life in it.

The most interesting thing is how he cut the blade of the meat clever from an old saw blade made of good quality steel. It has already been hardened and tempered before he started cutting the blade, so he cut it very carefully not to destroy the hardening.

A template of what the cleaver shape would be is cut of cardboard and then traced on the metal.

When the basic blade shape was cut out, he proceeded with cutting another piece of he saw blade for the handle. Then he welded both parts before he started sharpening it. The most of the rough smoothing was done with a belt sander platform. To keep the blade cool in the process he dipped it from time to time in a water filled tray.

The he cut the basic shape of the handle from black walnut and glued it to the tang with a special epoxy. One of the most interesting things is that he used maple pins instead of metal ones to fix the wood to the tang. Then he glued them with construction glue.

Finally he applied and rubbed in several coats of linseed oil to both protect the wooden handle and at the same time keep the real walnut wood feeling.

Amazing short video, I definitely recommend you watch. By no means is it a quick process. Quite the contrary, quite a lot of work hours got into making this, but it is definitely worth it.

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